Are you in your higherself?

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Are you in your higher-self?

Imaginary world and physical world

Look around you, every single detail you see once shaped in the imaginary world first…everybody has dreams but unfortunately some people has clear lines between the imaginary world and the physical world…Do you know these type of people too? Of course you do..

When I was studying in high school, we had a group of friends and there was a short and a bit over-weight girl that one day she was telling us about her dream becoming a balerina…just about the same time we heard the principle’s voice saying “ohh yeah right, why don’t you try to be an astronot…”!!!!! 

When you close your eyes, you see a world that makes you happy, the world that full of your dreams…do you believe that you can give a physical shape to this world and make it come true or are you one of those people above?

Most of us were raised to be a normal individual, the type of individual that adjust himself/herself to the system, going through the same path as everybody else, to be average…

Being extraordinary is something totally different…Being extraordinary starts with believing that you have a different potential within you…it is having a higher awareness that is beyond your looks, beyond your conditions, beyond your possessions but we are not educated to believe in this version of ourselves as the common conception that  is imposed to the society is that the imaginary world and the physical world is separated with thick walls…


Nick Vujicic! The guy who shows that the life can be limitless in spite of not having legs and arms…

What do you expect from yourself?

If you wanna achieve your goals and live your dreams then you need to believe in yourself that you can do it, you need to imagine the details, feel it in your cells…you need to expect from yourself that you can do it…

Do you believe that you can become the type of person that you want to be? Do you believe that you can form meaningful relationships? do you believe that you can be fit? Do you believe that you can have higher grades? Do you believe that you can be better?

It takes only one person to believe in your dream…It is YOU!

It is not what your family or friends think who you are or it is not your ego that tries to turn you into an average person, it is the direction that you want to go to that is more important than any limitaions.

Before I arrived China, one of my friends(!!!!!) called me and asked me “I saw your post on facebook, are you really going??”. I said “Yes, I am flying next week.” …What do you think she said?….”I never believed that you could do this!”… 

You can do the thing that is seen as impossible by others but it is related you believing in who you really are…which version of yourself are you?

Your higherself

The extraordinary you within you, your soul, the one within you believes that you can do anything, the one that is powerful and strong but in order to take action you need to be in your higherself.

Who is, what is your higherself?

The version of yourself that has the power to do anything,  that doesn’t believe in limitations…the type of version that you haven’t been educated to believe in…

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Your higherself is the verion of yourself that has a higher awareness through getting in touch with your own source, your center, The God!  This is seen as a great secret but the signs, the miracles, to your higherself will be revealed when you are going through the difficulties…All the pain, the injustice you have faced with and “ending up with nothing”, hitting rock bottom actually will carry you to this higher awareness…That’s why it is seen as a great secret as you need to experience it spiritually, there is no other way…this is such an experience that you feel like your soul is extending and is now greater than your body, your soul, your heart suffers, you even feel the pain physically cause you introduce your new version, your higherself, to the world…just like when a newborn baby cries, you will only rise through pain…

When I was in Da Lat in Vietnam, I met one of my instagram followers, Florence who approached me by asking “Aren’t you While Travelling Blog?” and then we went to separate  ways but then our paths crossed while I was trying to find one of the temples on the mountains. I rode my mototrcycle to the temple with Florence and her friend. We sat down in an area behind the temple that you could see the beautiful lake between the mountains…One of the woman monks of the temple came and sat with us too…Florence’s friend were having a hard time, it was obvious from her eyes that she was in pain, her heart was aching…She was so sensitive that her eyes were teary everytime she was speaking…finally she couldn’t hold it back and the tears came down as she was asking” why bad things happen to good people?, what did I do to deserve these?”…I could feel her pain…although I didn’t know the reason of her suffering I could understand her…then quietly I said “it is for us to learn…only when our hearts break and the walls we once built around it cracks and the light comes through those cracks,  only then we really learn! The light needs to reach to our source “…I will be writing these moments in a different article…

The critical war and the dangers on the way 

Once you reach to your higherself, your battle will be between your higherself and your average version and with other average versions around you casue they will try to talk you out of it…

What defines the result is which side you choose to be in your weakest moment...

Just because it is hard to keep fighting with difficulties and finally giving up and going back to your average self would make me react to this like “seriously, then why the hell you have been standing tall till that time? just to give up at the end?”

Your life might seem hopeless, nothing might make sense, the person you’re deeply in love with might not feel the same way, maybe you were rejected from that company you loved to work for…whatever the problems are, don’t give up! Don’t give up cause all of these has a role to carry you to your higherself!

Your higherself would enjoy the journey to the top while your average self focuses on the millions of reasons why you might fail and the questions like ” Why did he/she do this to me?”, “what did I do to deserve this?”, “what went wrong and this sh*t happened?”…reasons, reasons and reasons…not finished your average self is very good at blaming others, your mom, your dad, your best friend, your neighbors rather than taking responsibilities on the result because that version of yourself is not strong enough to face with the results alone and that’s why your average self is stuck in the reasons and blaming others…

Be very careful of the words that your average self uses…If you find yourself using “I am unlucky!”, ” I am the one who always gets hurt!”, ” these type of unfortunate things always find me”, then your mind is not in peace, you are absolutely not strong, even worse instead of making the situation better, you send very dangreous signals to your subconscious…because your subconscious will try to match the things you say to yourself with the reality and it will attract your words to your life like “ohh ok so that’s what you want, then here you are…”

Instead of this, tell yourself that “I am strong”, “I am beautiful”, “I am capable of anything good“, “I’ll get the offer from the job I applied.“…If you talk to yourself positively by bringing out your strengths, your subconcious won’t miss it and again adjusts your behaviours and attitudes according to what you say…

The journey to your higherself

  • Decide what you want and how much you want it and then BELIEVE…you can put anything to your imagination regardless of who says what… put the kind of things that you wanna attract to your life into your imagination first…imagine all the detials while you’re going into sleep
  • Don’t let anybody define your potential“you’re stupid”, “you’re sick”, “you can’t do it”, “you get bored easily” all of these are  bullsh*t…you can do anything you want when you make your mind…
  • Align your reality with your dreams as if you already became that person you always wanted to be…believe in this with your whole heart and start doing the things that are necessary…bring your future world into the present and live up to the standards that are necessary to maintain the lifestyle you wanted. Re-code your behaviours, habits and thoughts.
  • Don’t underestimate your imagination, everything starts from there…let your dream get under your skin, feel it…open the music and dance as if you were in that place that you wanted to be, focus on how you feel…that feeling will be your guide…
  • Find the ones who are on the same journey as you are…regardless of where they are, find the type of people that are on their way to their higherself or already in their higherself…buy their books, watch their videos or podcats. I keep coming back to this book time to time..I highly suggest you to read it…

  • Nourish your soul…In this universe everybody is connected to each other and to the God. Because of the daily  crazy schedules we’re running on, these connections get weak and at some point we forget them and as a soul, we become weaker…before going into sleep, think about your day, what would you do better tomorrow? Show gratitute for all you have and ask for support for your journey, pray to have courage…Your physical power comes from your spiritual power, that’s where your source is! That’s why make your connection with God stronger and nourish your soul!

Just about to leave my hostel in Phu Quoc Island to catch my flight, I met a 21 year old French guy. I had one of the best conversations in a long time…this guy told me about “Life of Flower”…Take a piece of paper, an empty one and start drawing a simple flower starting from the middle of the page, it should cover the whole page. In the center of the flower write your  purpose of being on this world! On the leaves, write the kind of actions you need to take to fullfill your purpose. The roots of this flower represent how you will nourish your purpose, your soul….I will be writing about it in another article.

  • Dedicate yourself…You need to have such a dedication to your dreams that your motto should be “no excuse is acceptale!” Your dreams should consume you, morning, afternoon, evening, even in your dreams you should be able to see yourself working for your dream! This is your dream and only you can make this happen! not your average version, you can only make it happen and sustain it if you’re in your higherself!

Before coming to China, I made my mind to start all over again in China and I was even seeing myself in a paddle boat, the ones like in Southeast Asia, rowing to the mainland China in my dreams…

  • Spread your light…while you’re on your way to your higherself, you’ll turn into an energy ball, like a light…Your behaviours, how you carry yourself will light the room you walk in…your actions will inspire whoever witnessing them….The experiences you had are not given to you to keep them for yourself but to share with others too to change their lives for good too!

Time to choose

Open the TV and the show that you watch is your life and you watch yourself failing…is this what you wanna see? You lend money to somebody and you’re told that he/she would pay it back in a month but she didn’t and you ask your friend what was wrong, right? Do you ever ask yourself for the promises you gave but never able to follow? No! But you should ask yourself! You should ask why you are giving only or even less than 50% of your potential to your life…Ask yourself so that you can figure out which version of yourself you are in….

Is there a short cut?

Of course, there is! The short cut is to give up! So that way you are able to extend your roots among the other fabrication lives while your real potential and your dreams start to fade away….but…when you’re about to complete your journey in this life…it will be your dreams whom you sold them for an easy life, will stand right next to your bed!

What about you, are you in your higher self?

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