Where to stay in Ho Chi Minh?

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I share the amazing places that I stayed at with my experiences while travelling.  Town House 50 is one of them. To get the Vietnam visa   I had to book a place for one night so I went on Agoda and picked Town House 50 and I only booked one night cause I was thinking if I  didn’t like it, I would change it.

You know what? It turns out to be one of the most amazing places I could choose according to my backpacking concept cause I felt like I was home…Now I am taking you to Town House 50 Hostel…


After spending the night at the airport, I was on my way to the hostel hoping that I could check in even though it was saying 2pm in the website…I am a bit sick, tired and hoping to have my bed..Finally arrived at Town House 50

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Johnny welcomes me… One of the biggest factors that makes Town House 50 like home is Johnny who thinks out of the box and  always welcomes people with a genuine smile…

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He realized how tired I was and immediately prepared a plate of babanas with warm water. While I was eating it, he said he was gonna check the room…I got on the couch and thinking if the room wasn’t ready, I already found my place to sleep anyway hahah..

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He comes back and tells me that my room is ready, yayyyy! I just arrived but I will be going to Chu ChiTunnels in 2 hours haha …You’ll see Johnny again but now I am taking you to my room…


Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 8.18.18 PM copy

Trararam!!!! Here is the female dorm of Town House 50. There are 8 beds, 4 on one side, 4 on the otherside…They give you a locker with its lock as well…I said “with the lock” cause I’ve seen some hostels giving you the locker but telling you that they don’t have the lock for it haha…here you can feel absolutely safe…

This dorm is 12$ per night including the breakfast as well, you have fast internet in the dorm as well as all over the hostel. They clean the dorm and the beds everyday. You share the bathroom and shower but they are always clean so no problem. You have hot water of course.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 8.23.30 PM copy


I had so much fun while staying at the female dorm…there were so many amazing travellers…Some of them came from exploring Cambodia, some of them from the north of Vietnam while the others were going to Laos, Thailand and Philipines the next day…some of them have been on the roads for 6 months, some for 2 years and even some of them just used their first annual leave and feeling amazed while listening our adventure…

Think about the travellers ages between 19 to 60 years old…Different smiles, different voices, different nationalities, different cultures, different energies…The common point where we all meet is we are hungry to learn while travelling…The best part is the chats we had just before falling asleep haha.

The sun goes down and I come back from Chu Chi Tunnels, not being able to rest makes me feel even worse as the coughs get deeper…I really don’t wanna wake up the girls  in the room while coughing but as the private rooms were booked, I had no choice…As soon as everyone comes in, I tell them that I am coughing every 2 minutes and this will go on like that during the night too..The reaction was hilarious, everyone started to cough saying the north and Laos were so cold hahaha…None of us could recover in the following days as we all were sick and sharing the same room haha…

You’ll have so many amazing friends all over the world here…Japanese ladies who offered me to have the night-face cream when I saw them with their green face masks on and kinda scared haha, meeting one of my instagram followers while we were staying in the bunk bed haha and I met a girl whom we had mutual friends with…


Town House 50 has private rooms and rooms for families as well but as the demand is really high you need to book these rooms in advance..the interior design of these rooms are amazing. Check it out for more pictures and details from Agoda’s page.


“Yes, mom”…Regardless of your age, your parents will always worry about you whether you’re starving or not while travelling around the world. Town House 50 has an open-bufe fruit, traditional food and boiled, fried egg or omlette…As soon as you get to the lobby, the friendly staff comes and asks you about your egg preference and drink…

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You can watch how they prepare your breakfast but they won’t let you to help them as they want you to mingle with fellow travelers.

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The breakfast is so good for a backpacker that you wanna spend your whole morning here…some people told me not to eat eggs in Vietnam but I cannot see anything wrong with that one so I ate the whole haha

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I took this picture early in the morning but normally this area is full of travellers coming from all around the world..


it is hard not to mingle here, the chat gets so deep that you realize that it’s almost 2 am or at some point you travel together or grab some coffee or dinner together…


I love this! I’ll do my own design and put it on my wall…Town House 50 has the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor,  it is obvious that this place is awesome….

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Johnny is one of the biggest factors that made this place different…When you arrive Vietnam around TET festival, Vietnamese new year, the things that you want to do and the things that you can do in reality is very different…Johnny helped me to finalize my route.  He found cheaper flight tickets for me. When I was in Nha Trang, most of the agencies told me that all the flights, trains and buses were booked for the next five days. I called Johnny and he was able to get me a flight deal the next day…On his off day, he took me around the city, he was waiting next to me to finish writing 24 card posts and send them, it took an hour!!! he took me to his hometown, it was amazing…I even met his mom and his fitness coach at the gym…He asked me whether we should buy some sandwiches and give it to homeless and hungry people..I was like I am so in! We bought sandwiches and in the night delivered them to people in need by driving our scooter around the town. Thanks to him I was able to give TET package to a lovely Vietnamese grandma. I even left my winter clothes here to get them back later, you see how comfortable I am haha.


I loved this hostel so much that I was sharing pictures on WeChat. When I came back from Con Dao Islands to Ho Chi Minh, my bank card got swallowed by one of the ATMs and it was impossible to get it back as TET holiday had already started. To see familiar and friendly faces, I went back to Town House 50 and as soon as I stepped in, I heard someone calling out my name and I looked around to see who she was…Here was my friend from Shanghai, June..she told me that she decided to stay here after she had seen my pictures…I will write about this story in details but Johnny also helped me a lot to call the bank in Ho Chi Minh and even came with me to the bank to get my card back, we couldn’t find it anyway but it meant the world to me to have his support.

You might say “ohh maybe he did those things just for you”, no! becaue of his character he both helps the guests staying in the hostel and the homeless people in Ho Chi Minh. I believe that the positive energy of this hostel is closely related with Johnny’s character.

Besides, friendly staff with great communication skills and advanced English and lovely travellers around the world make this place unique. it is also in walking distance to top attractions in the city as it is in the center of Ho Chi Minh. If you would like to stay in a friendly, safe, central and one of the headquarters for travelers, this place will become your home in Ho Chi Minh as well.

Book your place now by clicking the link:  Town House 50 and enjoy your stay! through this link, your clicks support me a bit to keep traveling. Don’t forget to say hi to Jonhhy when you are there.

See you in our next article about Chu Chi Tunnels!

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