Thank you very much for visiting “While Travelling” Blog. I’ve started to get increasing amount of emails about travelling and designing life styles. I read all my emails and I reply to all my emails that are related, just to let you know, I give priority to those who have taken their time to build strong relationships with me and invest in themselves by reading my articles and searching for the answers in my site.

It’s great to see how many people share the same passion and try to find ways to break the chains and set themselves free to make their dreams come true.  In this incredible journey, I will be your guide to design your new life style based on YOUR needs and expectations so that you can be more productive, creative, lively and energetic. Once you feel that you are stronger than your fears, nothing can stand against your way unless you take your eyes of your goals.

Are you burning with passion for travelling and redesigning your life style?

Then follow the steps below to take action NOW!  Delete all kinds of words and actions related with procastination from your mind.

Let’s start with the first three steps of life style design process:

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Second Step: “MOTIVATION”

Everyone needs motivation for sure. For those who asks “why”, because it is the same as taking a shower. You need to be kept motivated to feel more energetic and refresh. My weekly motivation posts will support you to reach your dreams. To get what you’re looking  for be sure to you like my page WhileTravelling on Facebook” and don’t miss out your WEEKLY INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION SOURCE…There will be more articles and crazy pictures on making impossibles possible.


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Keep in touch through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest . I’ll be there for you while travelling towards your dreams. During the process, my social media channels will keep you on the right track.

These are the first three steps to take action now. You’ll start your journey with me once you’ve decided to take these basic steps.

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