Take the trash out

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Average mornings…

6am alarm clock rings, while all the emotional baggage from the previous day is being uploaded to your mind, you start to feel bad again,start to have the same discussions in your head all over again, checking the phone, seeing all the unnecessary content…then stressing out to work…getting on the packed metro and arriving work, dealing with an annoying boss maybe, trying to finish all the tasks within a tight deadline…maybe skipping lunch and putting more caffeine in your body…getting the metro back to home and dealing with crowd..family issues, watching the news that spreads all the negativity happening in the world…feeling worthless as if your were in an endless cycle, you fall asleep and the day is over..The second day the same or similar, a week passes by, a month, 3 months, a year…

Is your life going like that or even worse? Keep reading then…

You find yourself constantly complaining and piling up all the negative feelings…you are worried, stressed, angry, disappointed, you feel like a victim…You’re eating too much or you’re losing appetite..

And the worst thing you can do to yourself is making you believe that you are less than what you really are worth!

Is it how you’re gonna go with your life…keep talking and not doing anything? feeling bad constantly and spreading all the negativity around you as well…

You have to be born again!

You’re in a constant chaos! Your body, your mind, your soul are struggling! In order to do something you have never done, it is not enough to do something different! you have to be born again!

The first 3 steps 

 These 3 steps will give you clarity to take action for your life!


Stand in front of a mirror!

Look at yourself! Look  yourself in the eye…Ask yourself:

“Is it really you?”

“Is this the highest version of you?”

“Are you proud of yourself?”

“Are you proud of and satisfied with your life, the results you have?”

“How can I use the experiences I had to change my life for better?”

“Why I deserve a better life, a fulfilling one?”

“Do I love what I do?”

“Do I believe that this is my life’s purpose?”

“In order from here to get where i wanna be what should I do?”

Your brain is like a google. If you ask the right questions, you’ll find the way. If you ask the wrong type of questions like “why are these all happening to me?”, “What did I do to deserve all these?”, you will get lost…Teach yourself a better set of questions, the ones that empower you not tear you apart.

6 years ago when I faced with myself in that mirror, I remember that the person I saw was not me, I didn’t wanna be that person, almost 70kgs, with no hobbies, no real life, being in a bad relationship, spending on just cloths and junk food, working too much, not taking time off to relax and finally having health problems…Unfortunately, I asked myself wrong type of questions..I was comparing myself with people that weren’t worth of spending my time with, I was trying to prove myself to others…I was lost because of the wrong set of questions!  In order to get back on track, life threw me couple more bricks straight to my head and I finally get to ask better questions like the ones above.


Take a pen!

Write down all the answers  on your mirror or say it out loud!Writing the answers on your mirror will help you to accept where you are and activate the part of your subconscious mind to get to work and keep you seeing it! If you don’t feel comfortable with that then write it down on a paper and carry it with you.

I could’t write the answers for a while cause I was too afraid to put it out there, but it was already out, it was a fact…I got to write the answers 3 years later..when I finally wrote the answers down, I got to take my life to a whole different level thanks to the power of the questions and seeing my answers written!


Massively control what you let in to your head space!

This is the most important thing! You would ask “what trash?”.  One of them is  the trash in your head!

You talk to yourself by saying:

“I am not good enough!” ,

“It is impossible”,

“Probably, they are right and I am the crazy one!” ,

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“That’s waste of time, I need to accept!”,

“I am not ready!”,

“I am not strong enough!”,

“that’s too difficult!”,

“that’s a huge project and i can’t do it!”,

“everybody knows that I’ll fail”,

“what if i fail?”,

” I am  not good enough!” ,

“I am just tired!”,

“I don’t feel like i am in the mood!”,

“I don’t have enough money!”,

“My circumstances won’t let me to follow my dreams!”

“I am not worthy!”

“I am not lucky!”

 Add your own self-talks down in the comments guys! you write, I’ll accept…

Now take this trash out! You’ve been carrying that sh*t of destructive self-talk for so long that you don’t even realize that you are indeed manipulating yourself because these are the games of your mind!

Your mind is a battle field, if you wanna produce unreasonable results you gotta get rid of that trash and become an unreasonable person to create the results you want!

Focus! Realize your self-talk pattern and anytime you find a negative sentence, stop it and break it and say: ” No, I am strong enough and capable to follow my heart!”

The other trash is the thoughts of other people! The kind of people that you surround yourself with! The nay sayers, even the worse, the crabs…Let me tell you a fun fact about crabs…

Crabs in a bucket..

Visualize that you bought a bucket of fresh live crabs…They are gonna be your dinner…but based on their instincts they try to get out of that bucket right? Should you be worried about your dinner running away from you? Nope…Why? because crabs are funny! As soon as one crab seems like getting out of that bucket, the other crabs will hold on to him so hight that they will pull him back down. Why would they not form a crab chain to get out of that bucket? that’s how crabs are and the same with Jackasses…whenever you show some kind of leadership to start an initiative, they will come and ruin your day, they will tell you how your idea is waste of time and you’ll fail dramatically, you’ll embarrass yourself, it is not possible, it is a huge project that you cannot handle it…Their ideas will get in to you and you’ll start to questions yourself, again back to negative, destructive self-talk..

Have you ever felt like a crab in a bucket? 

I did and now I choose the people that I wanna share my ideas with carefully, the type of people that believes in the power of ideas…the dreamers, the misfits, the positive queens, the warriors, the wise!

Leave the emotional baggage, negative self talk, the thoughts of others about you, the stress…be in the moment!

These simple steps will make you focus on yourself! I have a razor-like focus right now than anytime before. What’s within you is more valuable then what you’ll find outside to make yourself feel better! You just need yourself, sober-self like without any distractions in your mind, it is your higher-self!

I’ll talk about your higher-self more in the next article! Hope taking the trash out gives you the light on how to get clear, stop struggling with change and start to be born again! Let me know what you think and feel free to share this article with anyone who are struggling to find their way out.

Cheers to a happy and fulfilling life,



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