would you like to contribute to my dream?

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Hi, this is Evrim..your traveller who explores the faraway lands,

Some of you know me but to tell a bit more about myself, I was doing what I felt I had to do and ignored what my heart was whispering me. I was following the crowds and trying to do everything right according to what society taught us…but I was never that person…

10321586_622421211181741_3190766153445945887_oWhen my heart started to question “What was happenning? What was going on with my life? ” I was always getting into trouble… at least I was translating it in that way…

But there was one time that I realized I was holding myself, my dreams back, trying to ignore  what I really wanted…why would anyone do anything like that to themselves…That moment I asked myself “What I really wanted in this life?”

What happened when I started to find the answers?


I spread my wings and let myself to fly through uncertainty…I believed that either the universe would have caught me or taught me how to fly…I prepared an action plan and started to execute it. I didn’t hide under the duvet, I separated myself from my feelings and focused on what needs to be done in order for me to reach my dreams…It wasn’t easy to reach you from faraway lands but every step was so worth it…I am backpacking in Southeast Asia and sharing my experiences with you here.


My goal: To reach your hearts with this message “If I can do it, you can do it too!”

Vietnam has a different meaning for me…

Son Doong, the biggest cave in the world which its expedition is one of my dreams, is in Vietnam!


But it is not easy to go to Son Doong Cave, it is a 5 day program..First you visit Ban Doong village and support the local community and then you start your hike towards the biggest cave in the world…In order to attend this unique expedition:

  1. You need to be fit cause it requires a lot of actions like rappelling, crossing wild rivers etc,
  2. to be able pay the expedition fee, 4000$…, in advance and
  3. it is very hard to reserve your seat in the expedition program…most people end up waiting for months, even years…

I was always hearing people talking about the difficulties to reserve a spot in this expedition…I was  checking out the website time to time but there was no available spots to join throughout the whole year…but then the last time I checked it…

I found one available spot!

One available spot…OMG!!! I reserved immediately but then 2 days later I lost my computer..It was perfect timing…as I needed a computer as soon as possible, I could not afford both at the same time…I was hoping them not to ask for the payment right away but I got the email that was asking for the payment in 72 hours…So I sat down and started to think what I could do…

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First, I sent an email to the tour operator saying that “I know that most of your customers are people from CNN, BBC, Nat  GEO whereas I only have a humble blog but I still wanted to ask..I have this unfortunate situation going on and is it possible for you to give me some time till the end of April?”. I had an answer the next day saying that they found my blog very cute (haha reading this made me so happy) and they are giving me time till 26 March, Saturday and I would be the first Turkish person to explore the biggest cave if I could be able to pay the expedition fee. This made me feel even more excited…What I did next is: I added a donation button to my blog and spread the news to my list on Facebook and Instagram…I said “Would you contribute to my dream?” One of my traveller friends reached me and told me that her friend had been to Son Doong before too…anyways it is not the point of being the first, the second or the tenth person to be in the cave cause what matters is the experience…now I am turning to my readers, followers, YOU and asking…



I feel a bit scared when I imagine myself in this guy’s position but you know what they say “If your dream doesn’t scare you, then it is not big enough!”

It will make me sooo happy if you support and help me to make our dream of expedition of Son Doong Cave together…Please click the “DONATE” button below to support me through PAYPAL.


THE DEADLINE 26 MARCH SATURDAY!  If we cannot reach to that amount till then, they will have to cancel my reservation:(

THE AMOUNT THAT WE NEED TO REACH: 4000$, every small or big contribution will carry us one step closer to our dream. I will be so happy if you share this article with your friends and companies that you know who are willing to sponsor in this expedition.

All individual and corporate donations will be displayed on my blog and social channels.

After I shared my post, here are my four supporters that sent their contributions…Sending you guys a special thanks…


You can reach me through evrim.kanbur@gmail.com or through my social media channels. Please share our campaign with your network as well…

I hope to make this dream come true all together…I am looking forward to hearing from you…



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