Kawasan Waterfalls

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Waking up to a new day and I was excited to discover a different part of Moalboal, Kawasan Waterfalls! Everybody was telling me about Kawasan, so it was time to explore Kawasan Waterfalls!

Let’s go!


From Sampaguita Dive Resort, it takes 30 minutes by car to arrive Kawasan Waterfalls which is 20km south of Moalboal near Badian. You can take the bus to go to Kawasan Waterfalls, I would not recommend taking taxis or trycycles as it will be expensive. To take the bus with paying ₱19 one way, you need to be in front of the public market near 360 Pharmacy in Moalboal. You need to make sure that you tell the driver or the person in charge in the bus to drop you off at the Kawasan Waterfalls.

The road that leads to Kawasan Waterfalls is simply beautiful, clean and well built, besides the landscape is lovely.


You’ll see the way how locals travel along the way…This one is called trycycle, there are different versions of trycycles, this is the one that can have more people on board.


In Asia, motorcycles are your freedom, it is important and it is common to see more than 2 people on it. The most crowded motorcycle ride I have ever seen was the one with 7 people on it hahah. Here, I was trying to take pictures of these kids but somehow couldn’t catch them while smiling. Then I said “hey rollover, I am coming there” the girls laughed out loud and the guy finally turned around and posed haha.


You’ll see rice fields and the scarecrow, a stylish one haha.



My driver was my guide at the same time. He was kind and knew a lot about the waterfalls. Normally, you won’t need a guide as it is easy to hike but to learn more about the life in waterfalls it would give you a wider perspective that i will share with you later.

We arrived around 4pm and people were on the way back so it means it was not going to be that crowded. Either go there before 10am or after 4pm cause in between it is said to be very crowded.

There will be an entrance fee to the waterfalls  ₱40.00  and don’t forget to get your receipt.


We started to hike towards the rainforest and the view got better and better…Look at the color of the water…


Kawasan Waterfalls known as a three-step waterfall. You’ll also see some small waterfalls along the way. The roots of the trees and the environment suddenly changes and yes you’re in a rainforest now.


The view from the top looks way much better than when you are in the water.



To go to the top waterwall, the third one, you are going to cross short bamboo bridges and later on shallow, cold cold water, it is slippery so be very careful.


After a while the path gets steeper!


But once you passed that part you’re closer and eventually reach this beauty. There were around 30 people here but in 30 minutes they started to go back and at some point I was the only one in the water and the water is C O L D!


I am really not getting along with cold! I am not build to live in a cold climate haha even though I was born in February (2nd 😉 ) but I had to either dive completely to get used to it or I was gonna give up and I did dive. I got my gopro with me and basically it was amazing!

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The water is so resfeshing that I forgot how cold it was.


As you can see my goal is to swim to that waterfall, climb up and jump into the water with the swing haha.


And finally nailed it! It was soooooo fun! I was more kid than any kid around me haha. I did it couple of times and then I was heading to the natural slide.



The natural slide was so much fun. It is smooth so you won’t get a scratch or hurt yourself but the stream is strong and it will push you towards the part of the lake where there are stones on the bottom so I would recommend you to wear a pair of sea-shoes to walk in the water better.


After visiting and experiencing all the waterfalls, it was time to get back and yes, I had no idea that I was gonna get sick  in the evening because of spending hours in a cooooolld water and staying with wet clothes haha. Here is a heart-shaped lake on the way back!


I am glad that we arrived late and not stuck with the crowd cause this way I could enjoy way more that I thought I would have.



Even though this is a natural beauty and started to become more popular among travellers, the life doesn’t stop when visitors leave. There are local people living here without having any modern equipments, even electricity, clean water…life is hard for locals here! Here is a family taking their bath and doing laundry in the third waterfall.


There are students going down the whole way on foot to go to school and coming back and climbing up even further, everyday!


Now here is the question: WHO IS POOR? YOU OR THEM?

They don’t have proper electricity or modern tools to do simple cleaning or cooking. They don’t have the technological devices, smart phones, computers or cameras…


But they have 2 things: their families and the nature…

Their garden or balcony is the forest, their ceiling is the stars not lamps…Their beds are hammocks and they sleep with the whisper of the wind…They have a swimming pool that is an actual lake that cleans itself…They have organic food and crops from the trees and their land nearby…


They have real animal friends not stuffed ones, and their friends are not limited to cats or dogs or dolls or toys but the different specicies that exist in the forest from monkeys to goats…


Who is the poor here? Who has more freedom even in/around their houses? Would you want your kid to grow up in the nature or play with ipad games? These were the questions that made me think the whole way back…


Let me know your answers here by leaving a comment under this article.

Check out the magical sky during the sunrise & sunsets.

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