Cycling in Siem Reap

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Siem Reap…one of the places that I left a part of my heart…

You’re in Siem Reap and wanna see around the city…there will be tones of tuk tuks that want to get your attention but remember there is Borey, who helped me a lot and became my right arm.

Another awesome way to experience the city is to rent a bike for couple of days from your hostel/hotel or from bike rental companies. You can rent a bike from 4$ to 10$ per day( Jan 2015).


You either live your dreams or live your fears!

Some of the people that I talked with about Cambodia told me not to rent a bike as it could be dangerous…You know what guys, I think we’re negatively coded as we accept unknown heavens as more dangerous than known hells. Don’t get me wrong,  I know danger is very real but fear is all in our heads. I am very glad that I rented a bike for couple of days and enjoyed the wind and experienced the city with my own pace. You should absolutely do that!


The bicycle route

You’re the captain, go with the wind but make sure that you cover the most important places. You’ll see me cycling along the road that is covered with some of the oldest trees in the world that takes you to Angkor Wat Temples,


later on Old Market,


Pub Street, the river…


In the video, you’ll see Siem Reap’s amazing streets, the route I mentioned above and me enjoying the experience, the best part was where some locals were laughing out loud by seeing me getting into funny situations with my selfie-stick.

Take care of yourself and your belongings

I never felt unsafe in Siem Reap although my hotel was constantly telling me to take care of my belongings. What I did was I used the hotel’s safe box and make sure that I was carrying an old looking bag and I never put it in the basket of my bicycle. When I was coming back in the evening I put my camera in my bag. If you do these, you’ll be fine.  Some cars and scooters will come really close to you but as I was familiar with some crazy driving styles in China , I didn’t freak out haha.


When you cross the narrow bridges, make sure that you stay patient and stay in line and be aware of any crazy drivers who wanna drive in front of you. I could see any potential craziness from my camera on my selfie-stick haha…


By the way, cycling and holding your phone on a selfie-stick may not be always that safe, I was lucky that no one attemped to take my phone away and push me on my bike but the stories I heard was kind of scary…

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Another note is, when you’re on your bike cycling at 5am to catch the sunrise at Angkor Wat or coming from watching the sunset at Angkor Wat in the evening, make sure that you follow the tuktuks as they take the short cut which means you won’t be alone in the jungle road and make sure that you put all your belongings in your bag and wear both strips of your bag.

Take care of your bike

When you pull aside to take pictures of monkeys, make sure that you have a volunteer to keep an eye on your bike haha.


You cannot go inside the temples with your bike so make sure that:

  • your lock works before you start cycling.
  • Park your bike in a common place where it is not standing alone.
  • Don’t forget what your bike looks like as you’ll see a lot of similar ones and
  • don’t forget where you parked it haha.

Get in touch with locals and fellow travellers

While cycling in Siem Reap, one of the best ways to get in touch with locals is to throw them a smile and they will give you a bigger smile, well some of them might keep their coolness haha.


Cycling with kids is amazing…at first they might look at your like “what the hell” but then they got used to my camera and they start practicing their English.


Cycling while school kids sending you “peace” signs to the camera haha


The most beautiful way is to start a conversation with them while cycling side by side, seriously they will give you amazing reactions. You’ll see this woman in front, leading the cycling ladies team, laughing out laud in the video above by seeing me  trying to cycle on a road which was not on a good condition, at the same time holding the selfie stick with my two hands and trying to get myself in the same frame with them and not to fall haha.


Maybe you’re travelling alone and already started questioning the reason why you’re not meeting fellow travellers. All it takes is a sincere smile and offer the whole group to give a bicycle ride, kidding for the ride part, don’t haha. But having a positive attitude by keeping a big smile on your face will make you approachable for fellow travellers. I feel like as if I was giving you some dating tips haha, no, absolutely this is important to meet amazing travelers.

The picture below was possible with having a positive attitude and I got to meet some cool adventurers from Korea where we met while I was parking my bike. They asked me whether I wanted to trade my bike with their bus..I was like “whaattt? No way! hahaha” and we became friends..They wanted to take me everywhere they go…I love how this travelling spirit breaks the ice between cultures…


Enjoy your bike ride and if possible take pictures or shoot some videos as history remembers what was documented. When I feel like going through some stressful times, remembering the memoriesand going through the videos and pictures make me feel so good.


Make sure you checked the things listed above.

Go & enjoy now and follow us on the instagram,  drop us some comments about how awesome your experience was, make us jealous guys!

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  • haena says:

    Thanks for the help! Particularly because of your tip re Borey, my partner and I will be guided by him at the end of the month ^^ Keep travelling~!

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