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HongKong Story Tellers
HongKong Story Tellers

A great community – Hong Kong Story Tellers

Hong Kong Story Tellers help you to hone your story telling abilities and you can meet many new people. Meeting new people while travelling is the ultimate source of learning new things about the city you’re exploring. When I was a kid, my grandma and my mum used to take me to cafes near the bosphorus, which we call them tea gardens. They weren’t hesitant to start a converstation with old ladies or couples sitting at the next table. I wasn’t ok with these chats, I actually didn’t even like it. I was always complaining saying “mum, grandma, don’t talk to strangers”. You see how the roles were different. But the chats were always useful, cause they were sharing experiences, new activities for kids that I usually ended up going to some of them.

As I started travelling, I found myself doing the same thing automatically and you know what? It is awesome! It is great to meet new people while travelling cause most of them are open-minded and ready to help you and share their experiences as they are living the similar path as yours, so they can understand you better and lead you to new experiences. There are a lot of expat groups that you can join and attend various activities as well. One of them is Hong Kong Story Tellers Group in HongKong.

How did I learn about Hong Kong Story Tellers?

I was waiting in the line to submit my documents for visa in HongKong, without being aware of I was going to be rejected, I saw a guy, Geoff from the States,  with his curly hair and great smile on his face coming towards the end of the line. I smiled back at him as we all were having the same path of visa process, we started to talk and it was neither complaining about the line nor the visa process. We had a great talk that I even forgot the time we spent waiting in the line. As we were talking about improvised theater, we found out that we even have a mutual friend in Turkey, isn’t it awesome?  You see, this is one small planet. Even though I got rejected in the visa process and didn’t know what to do, he cheered me up by telling me an interesting story. He mentioned a workshop of  ” Hong Kong Story Tellers” that was going to be held in the evening.  Because I was kind of stuck in the city thanks to the visa process, I said to myself “why not? I’ll give it a try!’ and I loved it guys.  Thanks to Geoff  I met this lovely group. So, let’s dig more and see:

  • Who are Hong Kong Story Tellers?
  • What does Hong Kong Story Tellers Group do?
  • Why do they do it?
  • How do they do it?
  • Why should you attend Hong Kong Story Tellers workshops?
  • How to get in touch with Hong Kong Story Tellers?
  • How was my story telling experience in Hong Kong Story Tellers workshop?
  • Would I go back?

Who are Hong Kong Story Tellers?

This is a group of people coming all around the world, expats, local people, lecturers, managers, writers, stand by expats and many more…Let me tell you something about the people I met there on that evening.  They were amazing with their sharings, enthusiasm, sincerity and sense of humor. Thank you Geoff, Sunil and Rachel.

What does Hong Kong Story Tellers Group do?

They tell stories…They do not only tell stories, they also help people to be  better story tellers.

Why do they do it?

Telling a story shouldn’t be underestimated. A story should be told in a way that the story teller can keep the audience as active listeners and participants by making them laugh or making them automatically show expressions on their faces.  It doesn’t matter what kind of story you are telling. It can be funny or even a  tragic one, but the thing is can you also make them feel as if they were living your story as you’re telling it? That’s the point where HongKong Story Tellers step in. They help you to be a better story teller by giving you feedback on your performances during the workshops.

How do they do it?
You are given a paper to write down the topic and other important details about your story. As it is a big group, they can separate the group into two so that more people can have the chance to tell their stories and get feedback. You have max. 10 minutes to tell your story. While you’re telling the story, the others listen and take notes. Afterwards you’re given feedback.

Why should you attend Hong Kong Story Tellers’ workshops ?

You’ll definitely hone or develop your story telling skills even though you are a natural. It is not only that, it also helps you to control your time and still pushes you to consider what to tell and what not to tell about the details in your story, but still tests you to able to make the audience feel your story. It is related with preparation, public speaking, body language and many more, and you are having fun!

How to get in touch with Hong Kong Story Tellers Group?

You can find their contact details and activity dates in the following links:



How was my story telling experience in Hong Kong Story Tellers?

I was able to find the cafe where the workshop was going to take place without getting lost and on time. When I arrived, I met really kind people welcoming me. As the group was big, we split into two groups. I had such a great night listening to great stories. One of the stories was Geoff’s story about “his visa adventure in Mongolia” and the other one was told by a girl about “holding in pee for 21 hours”.  I was chosen to tell a story as a newbie. My story was about “Racing to rent a room in Shanghai”. It was great to see the light and excitement in the eyes of the people while I was telling what happened. After every story, the story teller was given  feedback. I was happy because they told me that I was a natural entertainer, of course I need to tell more stories to hone my abilities.

Would I go back?

Yeah, for sure. I learnt a lot by listening others and about the structure and stages of story telling. It is a process that increases your awareness and the others’ as well. You know what they say?

“Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you

into a storyteller”- Ibn Battuta

HongKong Story Tellers

HongKong Story Tellers



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