Faces of Angkor Wat

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The people I met at Angkor Wat

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Angkor Wat everyday…

It is inevitable to be amazed by Angkor Wat as well as the people, either travelers or locals,  you’ll see and meet along the way…

Here are the type of people I met at Angkor War…

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Once you start walking on the causeway, you’ll see local ladies busy with their work or relaxing at the stairs with their big hats…Hats are must to have cause it is really hot here.


As you cross the river, lotus flowers and locals fully covering their faces to protect themselves from the sunlights on the paddle boats…


We love to see big smiles and the peace/luck signs…



This young father, exploring the huge magical architecture with his cute baby and wife…

We appreciate those who push their limits with their families, instead of being stuck at home assuming that it was the best way to raise a kid!

Let’s give him a huge applause!



 Newly Married

Angkor Wat is also important for newly married couples.

Taking pictures with their traditional clothes or white wedding dresses in Angkor Wat is a must!

This couple is so adorable!

Wishing them all the happiness!


“The more the merrier” rule applies to the professional wedding photo shooting as well hahaha



In addition to many tourists, Buddhist monks are daily visitors of Angkor Wat.

Their bright orange outfit make an amazing contrast with the grey stone of the temples.


  Visiting Angkor Wat is like a pilgrimage for buddhist monks…

                                               IMG_2625 IMG_2612


I spotted a group of kid monks under the tree…

Of course I am going to go there and talk to them…


 Well, we couldn’t talk much due to the language barrier but we managed to throw big laughs at each other haha


 This is by far my favourite photo…


This lovely kid is hanging out with his monk friends, either he is not a monk or he forgot his orange robe.


Here is our jacket model! I want the same jacket haha, love this big smile!

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His mom forced him to come and sit beside me while I was sitting here and observing people around.

He was posing and I was trying to copy him haha..

Then I got the permission of hugging him from his mom.

You never know what reaction you might get from the parents when you hug their kids without asking in advance haha

IMG_2452 IMG_2454

Angkor Wat welcomes another fashion icon cutie…


When I walk around Angkor Wat, I saw small cottages and kids playing around it…

I just love to see curious kids..

I’ve seen a lot of kids taking care of their little brothers or sisters in Southeast Asia…


They play together,

they grow up together,

they support the same teams although here their uniforms look different haha


They know how heavy the life is as they are parenting to their little brother/sisters and trying to earn money to help their moms and dads!

The kidsworking in Angkor Wat can speak a lot of sentences in at least 7 languages including Turkish.

I was surpised to see them speaking Turkish with me when they learnt I am Turkish.


Families work all day long in Angkor Wat to sell souvenirs to tourists and they take a big break during the noon as it is super hot outside…

Work and play can be together as well haha…


Love this cutie’s pyjamas…

Her friends went on to work, selling postcards to tourists, and she was alone…

Just seeing her sitting alone makes me wonder what she might think at that moment…


It is amazing to be able to see different faces, different lives while exploring the biggest archeological site of Angkor Wat…

At the end of the day you will feel like that…tired


Angkor Wat is a must when you are in Siem Reap! Come and feel the vibe here!

Buy at least 3 days pass to Angkor Temples but I would say a week pass would be better cause there are more than 100 stone temples…

Talk to people while you’re Angkor Wat!

You’ll love it!

Solo female backbacking doesn’t mean that you’ll be alone throughout your whole trip, otherwise you’ll go crazy anyway haha..

You’ll meet tones of amazing people while you’re travelling solo, just stay open and positive!

Let’s connect on instagram for more pictures!

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