I am off to Cambodia!

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Finally the day comes! My Cambodia adventure literally starts. I am so excited guys!

I never shared it with you but I was hesitant before buying my ticket. I was seeing some nightmares about a plane crash which I was in it! Probably I was really under the influence of the recent news. Plus, when I told my mom that I wanted to go to Cambodia, she freaked out. She said “Noooooo” as watching all the terrible news and not knowing the country, it was scary for her for sure.

Thanks to Finy, my Chinese friend who loves travelling, and also Jessica who is my Chinese friend and former collegue, encouraged me so much. They both told me that I would regret a lot if I stayed in Shanghai during this time of the year. I hate having the feeling of “regret”. So that’s why I am a risk taker. Instead of saying I wish I had done, I go and do it! But sometimes everyone needs a little encouragement. I am sending special thanks to Finy for the encouragement and buying my flight tickets and to Jessica as well! When you surround yourself with positive people, they will be the ones to lift you up when you’re down.

Don’t forget, fear is an illusion of the mind. Don’t get me wrong, danger is very real but fears are created by you, you feed them and you turn them into obstacles that stand in front of your dreams. It will be YOU to destroy them and go after your dreams.

Make your dreams more powerful than your fears.

You know what? I still haven’t packed my bag, everything that I’m gonna take with me is on the bed. As I am used to packing quite fast, it is a piece of cake for me.

What’s in my backpack?



-The gifts for the kids (coloring books, English books,  a skateboard etc)

-My cameras and photography equipments (Canon, Go Pro and tones of cables!)

-My Cambodia Guide Book that I almost memorized:)

-My advenure book

-Clothes (4 Dresses, 3 t-shirts, 1 short shorts, 2 bikinis, 1 hat, 2 sun glasses, 1 bracelet etc)

-My running shoes and flip flops


I have more cables in my backpack than clothes which shows that I am on the right path as a backpacker!



Even though it is very cold outside in Shanghai, I am not going to take any coats, hand gloves or anything as I don’t wanna carry it for a month in a country where the temperature will be around 30 degrees.

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Finally ready to go! Got everything and ready to get  a cab but before that, one of the to do list items: A  selfie with a selfie-stick, checked!

On the way to the airport I had to deal with an unpleasant surprise about work. I had little time to solve this issue till my flight  to Cambodia.  I was writing emails, talking on the phone with my collegue on how to solve this.

Fortunately, I had an amazing taxi driver, so nice and kind, he  even helped me to carry my backpack to the  checkin desks inside the airport, you know they    generally drop you off at the entrance.



At the Airport


Check in completed! I may forget to tell the person at the check-in desk that I want the window seat but mostly they give me the window seat anyway and today is not an exception as well.

I am lucky, they didn’t even asked me to pay for baggage fee even though my backpack was way over the standards, yayyyy!

This means I can buy more stationaries and books for the kids in Cambodia.





I know, there was no way to make the skateboard fit in my backpack but this is better any way, outside the backpack. While thinking about whether they will accept it on the plane or not, the first call for boarding comes.


I’ve been trying to call the person in charge to solve the issue for couple of hours! You can see how worried I am on the pictures above… and finally I reached him and solved the issue within minutes after the final call for boarding.


On the board, I already started to take selfies with the cabin crew:)


My buddies on the plane…A lovely Chinese family who is answering all my questions in English eventhough I am asking in Chinese…I will not give up and keep speaking Chinese, we’ll see who wins haha


See you guys at Siem Reap 4 hours later !

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