Ho Chi Minh style Valentines’ Day

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graffiti+ dance+ mystery+ motorcycle

To all travelers out there, I am writing this from Ho Chi Minh. This time I’ll show you a different part of the city.

Ho Chi Minh is well known for its hectic traffic, motorcycle population, national pho soups, special coffees, nature but not finished yet because of the local event I attended by coincidence, I got to see the young, dynamic, talented, cretaive and myterious part of the city too.

First, don’t forget to watch our video above please and then read our article. By the way let us know which dancer you liked the most in the video by leaving a comment under this article:)

I walked into a department store to ask about the address of M3 Art Station and I saw a girl whose tattooes got my attention and we started to talk. She said the tattoes on her arm is a representitive of the universe and her left arm is fully covered with the tattooe. I asked her whether she wanted to continue to have the rest of the universe for the other arm:) she said this much tattoo and needles were enough. We said goodbye and I left the department store to find M3 Art Station and after 30 minutes of walking I arrived to an amazingly beautiful place. The buildings are all covered in amazing graffitis. It feels like a station cause you stop and spend time in front of each one of the graffitis.


As I was standing in front of this graffiti and looking at the details of it, a hand landed on my shoulder and I turned around to a great coincidence. The girl I had met at the department store was standing right in front of me smiling.  Here is  Lynn and her tattooes.


Lynn:”Hey, what are you doing here?”

Evrim: “Came to see the graffitis…”

Lynn: “Yeah but this is not one of the tourist attractions, that’s why I was surprised.”

Evrim: “I am not a tourist, I am a traveller”…

Lynn: “Aweseme, then please join us in the evening, look here is our event’s poster.”


Lynn invited me to Valentines’ Day Event which she organized with her boyfriend. These kind of coincidences will absolutely lead you to amazing experiences. So I said “yeah, I’m in!”

The preperations of the event was almost finished with the mini-stools, stage, dj, music and lights…


The participants started to show up slowly…

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Don’t forget to bring your mask, it is a blind date:)


Do you think that there are more girls than guys or the opposite?


In most Asian countries, couples carry their love or maybe one of them has to follow his/her beloved ones orders to wear matching colors or exactly the same type of cloths:) You can see this even more on Valentines’ Day, of course!


 On the Valentines’ Day, roses, no matter what they are made of, are a must, as if  it was almost a sin not to sell them.


Ho Chi Minh’s center is full of couples on motorcycles on 14th February. They are so cute, aren’t they?:)




Dance, art, passionate people are what makes a society better! When I backpack, it is beautiful to see the differences and similarities of how each country celebrates the international days. Here in Ho Chi Minh, the Valentines’ Day is a combination of dance, art, mystery and motorcycle.

Now it is time to decide which dancer you liked in our video above. Please leave your comments and let’s see the result:)

See you in our next article.

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