Spending the night at the airport in Ho Chi Minh


One of the ways to fly cheaper is to pick the uncommon hours to fly and it is one of the best ways to meet fellow travellers as they are after cheaper deals too. When I was in Shanghai Pudong Airport, this lovely traveller, Sherry, approached me by asking “are you travelling alone too?” …She is one of the extreme people…she is 19 years old, a Chinese University student, traveling alone and getting to know different cultures in her free time…Generally Chinese people have a traditional way of life and and I haven’t seen a Chinese young girl traveling alone till now…I am proud of her because of her fluent English, being social and constantly learning new things…you’ll see Sherry again…



When you arrive at the airport in the middle of the night, you have two choices whether to stay or to go out in the dark…We are on the same page with Sherry on spending the night at the airport…I get one of the best corners in the airport and Sherry hasn’t seen someone sleeping like that before so she starts to take my pictures haha.

As I am travelling alone, spending the night at the airport is far more important for me in terms of safety. When I was in Cambodia,  I chose to go to the city center in pitch dark, nothing bad happened but I was very close getting into a very dodgy situation and was able to pull myself out at the last minute. That’s why I rather spend the night at the airport. If there is a free wifi, what else can I want more as a backpacker haha…

It is easier and safer when you have a friend with you but if you’re alone make sure that you hide your passport, money and valuable things before you sleep as you wouldn’t want anybody to steal them from you. In my first solo female backpacking trip, I arrived Bangkok airport very late and decided to spend the night at the airport as the wisest thing to do. Before going into sleep, I tied all my stuff to each other and then tied all of them to me. In the morning it was the hardest thing to untie them haha, not doing that detailed work anymore haha



It’s almost 5am and ready to go out to take a cab. Sherry showed me the info she wrote on the napkin. Her host from Couchsurfing told her to take only Vina Sun(the white one) or Mai Linh (the green one) taxis in Ho Chi Minh as the others’ taximeters turn like crazy.

IMG_7508 copy

We add each other on wechat and promised to meet up in Ho Chi Minh again…I am on my way to my Boutique hostel Town House 50…

IMG_7534 copy

On the way to my hostel, I see more motorcycles than cars…but China holds the record for extreme cases of carrying stuff on the motorbikes…

IMG_7516 copy

The adventure continues with the article “Where to stay in Ho Chi Minh?”…To make your Vietnam dream come true, check out how I got the Vietnam Visa.

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