My Vietnam Adventure starts!

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Vietnam, the mystic country, finally we’re meeting!

I am coming to you, Vietnam…You know that I stay in every country in Southeast Asia for a month and that’s why, of course, I’ll be here for awhile haha…but the thing is I have been wondering about Vietnam for a long time…its history, the war, natural beauties, its people…I heard a lot about this country and it was high time to check it out with my own eyes…and you’re coming with me too guys;)

IMG_6347 copy


My plan is to start from the South and go to the North:

Ho Chi Minh > Mekong Delta > Phu Quoc Island > Da Lat > Mui Ne > Hoi An >Hue > Hanoi >Sapa ,

Let’s see how much the reality matches with my draft plan…Before I start traveling, I go on the internet to search info about the country that I wanna visit,  I go on blogs, instagram accounts, travel magazines and websites…but I am open to last minute changes as I am travelling solo…If you have a month and if you’re travelling solo, the most important thing is to be flexible with your route and the time you wanna spend in each city cause you never know who you’re going to meet with  or you might not like that place and you wanna leave earlier so you need to consider the changes you might want to do in your plans…


Before I was off to Turkey, I had prepared what to put in my backpack so the only thing left is to actually put them in my backpack…there is no need to put tones of different clothes for everyday, there are cheap laundry services everywhere in Southeast Asia…better not to torture yourself by carrying a very heavy backpack…

What do I have in my backpack?

  • 2 dresses,
  • 2 short shorts,
  • 1 baggy trousers
  • 4 t-shirts,
  • 2 bikinis,
  • 1 running shorts,
  • one pair of training shoes,
  • 2 flip-flops,
  • necessities,
  • my cameras and other equipments

I don’t carry towels or a hairdryer, nor shampoos or conditioners cause they are the easiest to find everywhere…either your hotel/hostel gives you or you go and buy from the closest department store…

IMG_7374 copy


I got my backpack, jumped into a taxi to Pudong Airport…I love listening to “Bonfire Heart” from James Blunt while travelling…got my earphones on and turn on the sound and here we go…as I am passing through the skyscrapers of Shanghai and getting close to the airport, my curiosity was increasing…



How much I paid for the flight ticket?

I started to look for the flights 2 months ago and I found a comparatively cheap ticket on Ctrip( a widely used platform for flights and etc in China). It is from China Eastern Airlines ( thanks God that it is not China Southern Airlines, you can read the reasons from here) a round way direct trip ticket between Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh costs 3,890RMB (648$)…It is still not cheap as during that time Vietnam is celebrating TET Festival which is their lunar new year, it is a huge thing.

I am going to share my Vietnam Visa experience in the next article…I checked in, my backpack is 11.3kg, yayyy! I learn more and more on “how to pack my backpack lighter and lighter in every trip”…I went through the passport check and finally took  a deep breath…


The first floor at the airport is super cold…some people use their blankets or even their towels…

IMG_7416 copy

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As i was sick, I didn’t wanna leave my winter clothes at home but it is still cold…having a cup of tea should make me feel warmer…


 The look of the pilot is like ” The future is in the sky (a quote of Ataturk, the leader of Turkey)

Look who I ran into? I met with the pilots of my flight haha…

IMG_7428 copy
It’s time…

Let’s go…this is my first time to fly with China Eastern, it’s gonna be a 4 hour flight…btw i am hungry, hope they are giving some food in the plane…

IMG_7437 copy

 Would you like to have a seaweed cookie?

My dinner in the plane…have you ever tried a seaweed cookie? It’s epic…

IMG_7446 (1)

Movie time for all the passengers…

I am super tired  and trying to decide whether to sleep or to read a book but then the screens are opened and there was a Chinese movie playing, showing 4 different families on New Years Eve. In one of the families, the grandpa doesn’t wanna stay in the hospital so his family helped him to escape from the hospital so that they can celebrate the new year in their village…the characters were really funny…there is one couple and they finally get together after a long time..the woman is searching the man’s bag and she finds a ring box…she was happy thinking that she was gonna get a proposal, but then there were earnings in the box and it wasn’t a marriage proposal..they get into a big fight and forgot the food in the oven…after a while they had a huge fire in the house and then the man realizes that he wants to marry the girl so he saves her….I wonder what would happen if he did’t wanna marry her haha…

Soon Landing in Ho Chi Minh

The movie is over and when I look outside, here is my view…Everybody is  looking at these lights…We are flying on  Tinh Binh Thuan…

IMG_7539 copy

20 minutes later we arrive Ho Chi Minh…


Finally I am here, safe and sound, my trip will officially start after I get the Vietnam Visa on arrival…

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See you in the next article related with the Vietnam Visa on arrival…


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