2 days left to backpacking in Cambodia

Last checks for Cambodia backpacking trip!

I can’t believe that only 2 days left to my first backpacking trip in 2015, I’ll be saying this till I get on the plane probably. I am still running from one meeting to another and planning the details of my trip during the night and  waking up the next day feeling like zombie but a motivated one that can’t wait to get her backpack and fly away.

As I told you in my previous post,Ka, I decided to get in touch with one credible school/charity for each city and the idea started to shape in my mind and…


My motivation in this trip is to help and change lives of kids while travelling. Cambodia, like many other Third World countries, has more than its fair share of orphaned and abandoned children. Thirty years of war, foreign occupation, genocide and civil war has become the norm for this battered country because of that I thought there is more to do then just travelling. So I’ll be travelling and also vounteering and visiting  to the school and the charity below. But it wasn’t still enough. Creating awareness about this issue is also important. As I’ll be there physically and actively getting involved in changing lives, I wanted my friends to contribute to the project too, eventhough they can’t come with me. So I came up with this idea: I asked my friends, collegues and students to give me ONLY ONE THING so that I can carry them in my backpack and I wanted them to write a personal note attached to the gift as well, in that way I am going to help the kids in Cambodia and also help my friends to feel the joy and fullfilment as well.

Here are the school and the charity I’ll be visiting in two cities:


This is an incredible school. The reason why I choose this school is that Angkor’s Tree school was started by Sokhom Khit, an amazing person who went through terrible times during the genocide of the  Khmer Rouge but survived and followed his passion to help kids. Angkor Tree School is a free school to provide an opportunity for poor Cambodian children to meet together and learn English and Japanese. This school also provides food and recreation, as many do not have parents. The focus of Angkor Tree is a free education for all, as the founders recognize the vital role education plays in helping break the cycle of poverty. For more information please visit the website and the facebook page of Angkor Tree School. You’ll be amazed by what you’ll see and learn. I’ll be writing more about this school once I visit it.


This is a wide-spread charity in many cities of Cambodia that is dedicated to help kids to have a better education, food and of course future. Please visit the website and the facebook page of Sunrise Children’s Village for more information. I’ll be giving you more information when I visit this place.

Once I am in Cambodia, I may come up with more schools.


In #Backpacking for a Good Cause Campaign, I will be visiting the school and the charity mentioned above and giving English and Art lessons and showing them the world through my pictures.

With this purpose, I feel more motivated because…

travelling gets into a whole new level when you combine it with volunteering. 




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